Dessert of the Day at Melur & Thyme, Suria KLCC

Melur and Thyme is the latest offering from Suria KLCC. Opened less than a month ago, this place is gradually making its mark of Asian and Western offerings. 

 Melur and Thyme is located opposite Harrods Cafe (the new one, at Concourse level). But if you’re still not sure where it is, it’s at the Isetan / Ralph Lauren boutique. 

The cozy interior. Outdoor seatings are also available. 

 Just like the name, there are Asian and Western menu available. The food ranges from Melur Tapas (Asian) or Thyme Tapas (Western). As for mains, it ranges from curry mee, baked fish to grilled chicken herb. 

 My friend recommended the Coconut Jelly. Not really a fan of Coconut, I really liked this jelly though. Very refreshing especially after a hot day. 

This is the chocolate pecan pie. The base is as awesome as the chocolate. 

 The chocolate cheese cake is also another awesome dessert. The chocolate is really rich. 

Lastly, the peanut butter cake. Compared to the previous two, I’ll give this as “OK”. Still nice but I prefer the previous two combo! 

INFO:  Melur and Thyme, Lot G03H-I Ground Level, Suria KLCC