Jom Western, AEON Big Wangsa Maju

Jom Bali has been a familiar restaurant to shoppers at AEON Big (previously known as Carrefour) Wangsa Maju. They’re known for their list of Asian / Fusion food. Now, the restaurant has created another off-brand named Jom Western, located next to KFC. They’re occupying the space once occupied by Jom Priok and Sedap Deli. 

 Located next to KFC, Jom Western has a different look and feel than its sister restaurant Jom Bali. I love their huge black board (Ok, it’s partly a blackboard) but notice a mistake on the board? I went to this restaurant twice so this is a combination of two visits into one blog post. 

 By the way, if you have kids, they get to eat for free! 

Here’s what I had on my first visit: 

 Meatballs spaghetti. The portion could be quite a lot since I am not THAT of a heavy eater. You know how in some restaurants when it’s spaghetti meatballs, they end up giving like 3 or 4 meatballs and you’ll have to cut them in smaller pieces just so you have enough until you finish the spaghetti? I’m glad at Jom Western, there were 8 meatballs (I had to look at my photo stream to count the amount of meatballs. Hehe) 

 Iced tea with bubbles. Sorry, but I still love the ChaTime by Pearl Milk Tea. 

 And let’s go to my menu during my second visit: 

 Chicken chop. It comes with mashed potatoes and fruit salad. I had it with black pepper sauce and the sauce is yummy so I mixed the apple slice with the black pepper sauce. Weird combo but yummy. 

 My drink of choice was the Apple Kasturi and my brother ordered the Bandung. Definitely worth a visit if you have no clue on what to eat at AEON Big Wangsa Maju.