picknik, Solaris Dutamas

[First published at syaf.wordpres.com on May 8]

"I'm going to picknik," I said.

"Why are you going for a picnic under this hot sun," a friend replied.

Me: -___-"

* * *

For some of us who have watched the first season of Malaysia's MasterChef programme on Astro RIA, then we would know that picknik is named after its founder Nik Michael Imran. So.... no one is going to for that kind of picnic under the hot sun.

picknik is located at Solaris Dutamas, next to Publika. I'm still new to the area so I've always wanted to try this particular restaurant. 

Post GE13 was the perfect time to pay a visit. A colleague of mine and I decided to have dinner at picknik.  

 I was fascinated by picknik’s homey feel the minute you walked into the restaurant, with an open kitchen concept and carpets of different sizes on the floor. The staff were friendly, too. Which is a PLUS for me. Nik was around as well! 

 Look at the menu: 

My drink of choice:

  I ordered the Virgin Mojito. REFRESHING!!

 I also ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese. 

I’m not a great food reviewer but the spaghetti sauce is different than the Bolognese served at other restaurants. It’s still rich but does not have that creamy tomato-flavoured sauce. It’s different in a good way. 

 I didn’t get to try their desserts but I will on my next visit. Speaking of next visits, Nik recommended the burger with cheese. Hmmm… So it’s the burger and desserts on my next visit. 

Managed to chat with the owner, too. I was telling him that during the General Election period, I managed to get around 3 – 4 hours of sleep. He said, “Imagine doing that for every day, seven days a week… that’s what happens when you own a restaurant.” Kudos to him and all the best to picknik! 

 INFO: picknik, UG1-05, Block A4, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.