Dessert of the Day at Serai, Life Centre

If there is one (of many) great things that I’m grateful for… it is the fact that I have many wonderful colleagues. Just when I thought my birthday celebration was over, my colleague Dzul decided to treat me at Serai, Life Centre. 

And the other surprise was… we had to walk there because it would be heavy traffic by the time we want to drive back to the office. So we took around a 20-minute walk from the office to reach Serai, which is located along Jalan Sultan Ismail. 

Meet Dzul (who was constantly on his two iPhone’s while we were dining. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk)

As expected, I ordered the Pavlova. 

You know what guys, I think I am in love with Pavlovas. I love their sweetness and chewiness. The Pavlova here is different than the Pavlova I had at The Aparment because this time, it actually looked like a cake. At The Apartment, the meringue was the base with cream on top and fruits by the side. 
Either way, it’s still yummy. 

Dzul ordered the Tiramisu, which he kindly shared with me as well. Tiramisu was nice as well, and I love the peanuts on top. Dzul was still busy with his phone, this time taking photo of his cake:

I love the atmosphere of Serai. Cozy, cooling and a nice view of the Sultan Ismail traffic (if you can consider it nice laaa). I was here for the desserts only, but Dzul had nasi ambang. Perhaps I should visit this place one more time and try their main course. 

INFO: Serai, LIFE CENTRE, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL