Journal by Plan B, Publika

I received a text message from my colleague Dzul last week. The conversation was something like this:
Dzul: Let's go makan at KLCC

Me: I can't. It's my off day... I have some errands to do.

Dzul: Ok....

Me: Wait... Are you working? Then let's have dinner at Arenaa Diner

Dzul: Arenaa jer? My standard is Arenaa... I see you go to Melur & Thyme... picknik... But with me, it's just Arenaa?

Me: *Guilty*. I love Arenaa. The place is not fluffy... it's for genuine friendship.

Dzul: Define genuine friendship

Me: Genuine friendship is when we don't have to guna ayat-ayat PR!

* * *

Ok... the conversation went on and on... but last Saturday, Cherish, Dzul and I met at Journal by Plan B, Publika.

We're a bunch of camwhores!

Ok... Who had what...

Cherish had the chicken salad.

Dzul had the Moroccan meatballs.

"Where are the meatballs," asked Dzul.

I had the cheeseburger.

"You and your burgers. Can you order something else," Cherish asked me. 

"No. I'm remaining loyal to my burger options."

So that was our lovely dinner at Journal by Plan B. Had loads of LOL moments and lovin' the gossips too! Love the cozy decor and the chairs on the ceiling. "Kalau la jatuh..."

INFO: Journal by Plan B, 65, Level G2, Publika Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03 6205 5318