Suka Sucre by Fazley Yaakob, The Sumbs Shah Alam

Dato' Fazley Yaabob wears many hats. A Singer, author, motivational speaker, Celebrity Masterchef and now the owner of Suka Sucre, a line of french pastries from the celebrity himself.

 The pastries is currently available in two cafes: The Sumbs Cafe in Shah Alam (read the post here) and Parlour by Ashley Isham in Singapore.

I managed to taste two items from Suka Sucre during my visit to The Sumbs Cafe:

Citrus Macarons with Matcha Custard filling (RM4 each).

Some macarons are just too sweet (even for those with a sweet tooth like me) and it's easy not to want more (or cepat muak) but this is just right. 

My only concern was that the macarons was served in a plastic container instead of a plate. Oh well, there must be a reason behind it, but it would look nice if it's served in a different way.

Madagascar Vanilla Creme Brulee (RM7)

INFO: Suka Sucre by Fazley Yaakob, The Sumbs Cafe, 7-04-01 Persiaran Alam Pusat Perniagaan World Wide, Persiaran Akuatik Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Follow Suka Sucre on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter