Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir, Wangsa Melawati

Went to Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir located at Jalan Dataran Wangsa, Wangsa Melawati.

Chef Zubir is known for his role as one of the three judges on MasterChef Malaysia and MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia. His other restaurant is called Laman Grill

It has a very nice ambience. 

Staff are friendly, ready to open the door for you with a smile, bring you to your table

However, Chef Zubir wasn't around when I was having dinner at Wangsa Grill. 

What's on the menu at Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir: Steaks, pastas, seafood and more!

Let's take a look at what I had: 

Appetizer: Beef Nachos 

The waiter said, "Becareful, it's hot". 

I thought the Nachos was somehow I accidentally touched the plate and it was super hot! OUCCHH!!

I had the Pan Braised Chicken Dome

Quite a big portion, if you're a small eater, this is definitely for two. Nice gravy and I love the sliced apple as one of the sides. 

Rib Eye 320 grams

Dessert: Banana Split

Perfect way to end the experience. I'm definitely going to come here again to try their pastas. 

To avoid disappointment, please make a reservation if you're planning to dine at Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir. 

INFO: Wangsa Grill, No.8-10 Jalan Dataran Wangsa, Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.