Malay traditional food at Flora Kafe, AmpWalk Ampang

Flora Kafe, which serves Malay traditional food, is founded by a well-known florist and wedding planner Razak Ahmad, so it's not surprise that the cafe is beautifully arranged with flowers and stunning chandeliers. 

 The ceiling is full of flowers and if that's not enough, a mini floral arrangement and candles await you at your table.

Beautiful and Instagram-worthy because that's what I did while waiting for my food. 

Flora Kafe is already beautiful, now what about the food? They serve Malay traditional food, especially from the Johor region. I've been told their Laksa Johor is a must-try.

The rice set starts at RM17+, which comes with telur masin, ikan masin, sambal balacan, veggies, fruits and a drink.

I had the Chicken Rendang with the rice.

My mum initially wanted the Asam Pedas but was told it's quite spicy. Glad the staff was honest, because my mum couldn't take super-super spicy food. 

Instead, the staff recommended the Ayam Masak Kicap which is super, super nice. I like how they've added some spices to it and blended well with the soy sauce. 

Dessert time: Sago gula melaka

Pudding caramel, which is super sweet. I have a sweet tooth so this is just sinfully yummy.

This is the outdoor area of Flora Kafe, but I guess it's reserved for big events or if the seats inside their cafe is full. 

I enjoyed the food, very tasty. Staff are nice and attentive. 

INFO: Flora Kafe, AmpWalk 218 Jalan Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03 2161 8010