Back to Skool Restaurant and Bar, Solaris Dutamas

I wanted to try a different restaurant at Solaris Dutmas, but unfortunately it was closed (not for good, I hope). 

Intrigue by its name, I immediately went to Back To Skool Restaurant and Bar. The walls, signs and even menu booklet will transport you back to your schooling years. 

"Don't worry it's not homework," read the Menu. Thank God!

Utensils are kept in a pencil case. 

I went there during the lunch hour, so I had the Lunch Set. 

Chicken Burger + Iced Lemon Tea. RM10 (add RM1 for cheese).

Mum had the Fish And Chips + Iced Lemon Tea. RM10. 

The food was so-so, but then again, I remember paying the same amount (or less) for food at my Uni's canteen and it tasted the same. Definitely "Back to school" moment for me. If you're saving money or something, the RM10 lunch set is affordable. If you're up for something else, I'm sure Solaris Dutamas or Publika have better other dining options. 

INFO: Back To Skool Restaurant and Bar, D5-G3-3 Solaris Dutamas (Publika). Tel: 03 6205 3095