Pot and Kettle Cafe, Empire Damansara

Pot and Kettle Cafe, Empire Damansara is owned by a friend of mine, who is a young entrepreneur. The menu is created by its consultant, Datuk Fazley Yaakob. 

He is responsible for the menu - from the appetiser, mains and dessert (from his Suka Sucre by Fazley Yaakob range). 

It's a nice place to chill if you're around Damansara Perdana area. 

Pot and Kettle Cafe is relatively new so when I went there, the options were limited (but they asked me to come back for their sandwiches, burgers and pasta!).

Here's what I had:

3X3 Fries

Was told by Datuk Fazley that this his signature triple cooked fries, extra crispy on the outside and insides that melt-in-the-mouth.

It is served with triple dips: Cayenne sour cream, creamy honey mustard and roasted garlic sour cream.

 Over The Top Pizza

Surprisingly, I thought I was gonna be bloated after eating this meat-based pizza. After all, it's called "over the top". I shared this with someone so I still have room for dessert. 

French Beignet.

Similar to doughnuts balls and served with butterscotch sauce.

Pop Corn Chocolate Cake

This is a nice combination. I love the crunchiness of the pop corn mix with the moist texture of the chocolate cake.
INFO: Pot and Kettle Cafe, G18 Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.