Nasi Lemak at LRT Corner, Cempaka Station

We've featured a lot of artsy, hipster cafes around the city, so now it's time to explore some tasty street food. After all, Kuala Lumpur, or Malaysia in particular, is known for its street food. And I have to admit myself that some of the best food in KL are served just at the humble eatery down the road in our neighbourhood. 

And the thing about street food is that... if they have one speciality, they will just capitalise on that and many people would travel from far away just to try that food.

This time: Nasi Lemak is high on our menu.

My friend JFJuhari recommends the nasi lemak at LRT Corner, located near the Cempaka station (Ampang Line). Just about 300 metres away from the station, you'll find this corner eatery. They serve both local and western food, but this time we decided to try their Nasi Lemak (my fave!!).

Why do you have to try this nasi lemak? First, they use steamed rice and second, the ayam goreng berempah is just sooooo sedap!

The ayam goreng berempah. JFJuhari said they used to give quarter chicken and now it's been cut to smaller pieces. 

Depending on the spiciness level that you can take, I find the sambal to be a bit spicy, but still good. Do give LRT Corner especially for nasi lemak lovers, like me! But next time I want to try their Western food! 

INFO: LRT Corner, LRT Cempaka (Ampang Line)