Best western restaurant? Coliseum Cafe, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

We decided to be nostalgic on Mereka Day by visiting one of Kuala Lumpur's best western restaurant: Coliseum Cafe, located on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. 

This iconic place has been around since 1921 and is well-known as the city's best colonial heritage and of course, it's delicious western food. 

The last time I was here was more than a decade ago and the place is still as nostalgic as ever. Not much has changed, and not much will as Coliseum Cafe is proud to maintain its colonial decor. 

The wooden chairs, saloon doors, tables and clean white table cloth will bring back its customers to the old days, of which the current generation never get to experience. 

If you're a big fan of steak, you'll definitely enjoy Coliseum Cafe's Grilled Australia Tenderloin Steak (RM48.90), Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chop (RM46.90) or the chef's specialty, the Grilled Australia Sirloin Steak (RM46.90). 

For poultry, you can try the Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM23.90) or what we're having, Sizzling Chicken (RM27.90). 

My food partner ordered with the Black Pepper sauce, while I ordered with Garlic sauce.

Check out the presentation:

What's for dessert? 

There's Caramel Custard Pudding (RM6.90), Chocolate Lava (RM10.50), Banana and Chocolate Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM10.90).

We shared the Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM12.50):

We definitely enjoyed the food and dessert at Coliseum Cafe. However, the staff was TOO attentive. We didn't even finish our dessert yet (well, that's another spoonful of ice-cream left) and the waiter took the plate away. Whoa... don't rush to clear the table, can?

Otherwise, this is a great place to chill, relax and just experience what it was like back in the old days. 

Coliseum Cafe has branches in Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya and The Gardens shopping mall but you must visit their original outlet at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. 

INFO: Coliseum Cafe, 98-100, 102 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2692  6270.