Healthy food: Salad Atelier, The Weld

We - my colleagues and I - are on a healthy eating spree but we are starting to dread our regular trip to Subway. We love that place but switching regularly from roasted chicken salad to tuna sandwich, we are ready to branch out. We need a new place for our healthy food. 

Say hello to Salad Atelier (ahhh, even the name sounds expensive). Located at the Weld, this is the place if you're looking for a healthier option. For some, healthy eating may be boring, but with Salad Atelier's customised concept, you get to decide what you want to eat more of (potatoes, please!) and less of (no lettuce, tqvm!). 

True to its tagline "Every bowl's a masterpiece", the salad meal comes in three options:
  1. Baby Salad (RM13.90): 1 base + 6 main 
  2. Adult Salad (RM17.90): 1 base + 6 main + 2 supplementary
  3. Monster Salad (RM22.90): 1 base + 6 main + 2 supplementary + 1 prime
As for sandwich, there are also three options:
  1. Baby which (RM12.90): 1 base + 4 main + 1 prime
  2. Adult wich (RM14.90): 1 base + 4 main + 1 supplementary + 1 prime
  3. Monster wich (RM19.90): 1 base + 4 main + 1 supplementary + 2 prime 
Over a busy weekend at the office, we decided to use foodpanda's delivery service and decided to try Salad Atelier. 

We both had the Adult salad:

Main: Nachos chip, sweet potatoes, mixed capsicum, sweet corn, brocollo, egg
Supplementaries: poached chicken, beef bacon
Salad dressing: Ranch

Main: Nacho chip, potatoes, sweet corn, carrot, egg, tofu/bean curd
Supplementaries: Poached Chicken, Cashew nuts
Salad dressing: Thai

Let me tell you, the portion for Adult Salad is a lot. Maybe the lady at the counter was feeling generous, I had a lot of potatoes. I told my colleague, "After this, I can't even look at potatoes anymore!"

Definitely going to from Salad Atelier again, or will drop by its cafe next time. 

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INFO: Salad Atelier Cafe, Lot G-09A, Ground Floor, The Weld, No. 76, Jalan Raja Chulan, KL. Tel: +60165167621. Visit their website.