Bert's, Taman Cahaya Alam, Shah Alam

I can't believe it, but we've somehow made our way to a rather new township at Shah Alam for some tea time treats at Bert's. 

Bert's was recommended by a friend but he warned me that the place is hard to find. True enough, we had to go through several residential area to reach Taman Cahaya Alam. With the help of Waze, we arrived at a business park and we found Bert's. Since it's a new area, there's PLENTY of parking.

Bert's serves your usual East meets West cuisines. Their signature Nasi Lemak dish (RM14.90) is available alongside Spaghetti meatballs (RM14.90) and Mee Kuah (RM13.90).

As a Nasi Lemak lover, I really have to come back for their Nasi Lemak. The table next to us had it, and it looked sinfully yummy. JEALOUS!!

But I had something else instead: 

Iced Chocolate Marshmallow (RM10). Just a normal iced chocolate with some marshmallow which I could not scoop since no spoon was given (haha!)

Meringue Sundae (RM10.90). Now, this is awesome. The meringue is nice a crisp, and the soury strawberry completes the taste.  

Sago Gula Melaka (RM5.90). I could not really taste the gula melaka as it was overpowered by the condensed milk.

Cucur Udang (RM7.90). Nice and simple, and best of all it was served hot. 

I just wish the service could be faster though since there were not many customers when I went there. And they almost (almost!!) forgot our Cucur Udang. They gave our Cucur Udang to the next table and they said they just ordered one, not two. With my receipt ready to claim my Cucur Udang, I made an eye contact with the staff and I finally got it.

If you're in the Shah Alam area, this place is definitely a great addition for you. I'm so glad there are so many hip cafes there now. If you're a KL-ite, maybe you have to think twice or thrice before coming over. But hey, a trip outside the city once in a while won't hurt right? 

INFO: Bert's, 36-1 Jalan Selasih KU 12/K, Taman Cahaya Alam, Shah Alam. Follow them on Facebook.