Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall

More photos and text below.

After all the hype, I finally decided to go to Magnum Cafe, Kuala Lumpur. Located at Mid Valley Megamall, the cafe spans two floors. If you would like to have their food, just go straight up. But if you'd just like the ice-cream, well, wait in line!

I was not adventurous or in the mood to customise my own magnum so I went with their own selection, which is the Pop At Tack.

It consists of:

Ice cream: Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate: Dark
Toppings: Popcorn, Chopped Pistachios, Blackcurrant Pastilles
Drizzles: Dark

Some may argue that they prefer the usual RM3+ magnum over the RM9.90 customised Magnum. I say... if you're a big fan of Magnum, going here once in a while should be alright. Why not right?

INFO: Magnum Cafe: T-023, 052 and 053, Mid Valley Megamall, KL.