The Flavourist, Taman Melawati

We have a feeling that The Flavourist is going to be that go-to cafe at the Taman Melawati neighbourhood. After all, there isn't a lot "hipster" cafes around the area so this is definitely a great place for coffee connoisseurs or if you just want to grab some quick bites (burgers is their signature dish!).

As you enter, you may ask is this a shop or a cafe? Well it's both. On one side is the cafe and the other is an area where you can get your concentrated flavours, rare spices and fruit purees. 

The staff - mostly guys - are warm, friendly and ready to explain what's on the menu. 

Scroll below for what we had and more information...

what we had: The Flavourist has a simply menu: their signature burgers, sandwiches, nasi lemak and an assorted range of breads and cakes. 

What we had (from 2nd picture) - Nasi Lemak with telur goreng (RM3.50), Beef Ciabatta (RM8), American Brat Hot Dog (RM5). Not in the picture (we forgot to snap a photo!!!) - Coney Dog (RM6). The Coney Dog reminds me of the same food we can get from a fast food outlet while the nasi lemak is simple and nice for only RM3.50? That's a deal for a simple meal!

price: Affordable and good value for money. 

ambience: It has this rustic, old school feel with its rows of wooden chairs and table. If you want to enjoy your cuppa comfortably, there's the bean bags at one corner. If the weather is just right, then you can just enjoy your food at the small al fresco area. 

service: There is no service (haha!) as everything is self service. You pay at the counter and you collect your food at the counter! (Yay! We got to save on the 10% service charge, right?) 

info: B7-G-1, Apartment Gaya, Lorong Melaka, Taman Melawati, KL. Tel: 019-333-7171.