Absolute Thai, Wangsa Walk

what we had: For appetizer, we recommend their Fish Cake. Served hot from the kitchen, this five-piece fish cake is nice, hot and flavourful. As you chew and swallow this light dish, it leaves a nice fragrant in your mouth - our prime suspect is the lemongrass. To add some hotness to the dish, continue to dip with their signature Thai sauce. [RM16.89]

what we had: For mains, try the Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns. The pineapple in the rice does not come off as too strong. However, the overall taste can be quite bland, but do ask for some extra Thai Sauce (we used the leftover sauce from the Fish Cake dish) if you love your dish hot. To make it tastier, we added some sliced fish cake to the dish as well. The amount of prawns was adequate and the fish floss on the side adds a nice chewy experience in the mouth. [RM16.89]

what we had: If you prefer a dish served with white rice then go with stir fried minced chicken with hot basil leaves, served with sunny side up. It may be spicy to some, but that what makes Thai food irresistible right? Quite a simple dish but it leaves you wanting for more. [RM19.90]

what we had: So we heard dessert is not popular in Thailand, but a meal will not be complete without some Thai’s “sweet snack” - a term used among the local to describe the traditional Mango with Sticky Rice. A sweet and scrumptious meal to complete your gastronomic journey. [RM12.90]

Photo credit: All photos shot with iPhone 5s

what we had: As for drinks, go with the two-layer Thai Iced Tea: one layer tea, another layer of condensed milk (the third layer at the top is a combination of the two). If you are a tea lover, this is a strong drink - partly sweet, with a hint of bitterness and a whole lot of spices. You can mix the drink or be more creative by sipping through the different layers, which - trust me - gives a whole different experience to the drink. [RM8.96]

price: Kinda pricey, so stick to one main, unless you're saving it for a special event - then go ahead and indulge.

ambience: Chic in a black-themed ambience, which gives a modern and sleek look.

service: Staff friendly and quick to give recommendation based in your dietery needs (just in case you do not eat spicy food!)

info: Absolute Thai, G-03A, Ground Floor, Wangsa Avenue (Wangsa Walk), Wangsa Maju, KL. Tel: 03-4131 8633. Visit their website.