Boat Noodle, Publika

After weeks of contemplating whether I should give Boat Noodle a try - since I'm not much of a noodle eater - I finally gave it a try.

It was a weekend and around the late lunch hours, but to our surprise, there was still a long queue, ensuring that this Bangkok street food is still popular among local folks! 

I tried all four noodles and I like the spicier soup. That's the Ayutthaya, right?

what we had: What else can you order here other than their rice noodles which comes in four different combination: chicken or beef and comes in Pathumthani or Ayutthaya soups. The latter is spicier compared to the former, which has a hint of sourness. Each bowl comes with half of a meatball (whichever meat you choose), meat slices, parsley, spring onion and some crunchy bits. You can finish the noodle in just in two mouthful.

Want some sides: Order the Grill Chicken Meat Ball (RM4.90) which is covered in Thai chilli sauce. Skip this: Chicken Wings (RM4.90). As you can see in the above photo, it's not the whole chicken wings, as it's just the "end parts" of the wings. To their credit, it still nice and crunchy but I just wish it's a whole chicken wing.

price: At RM1.90 for each bowl, it's pretty cheap but trust me, this can be addictive (which adds up to your bill!).

ambience: A simple cafe, inspired by the Thailand street-side eatery. The colourful table and wooden chairs adds to that 'old school' feel.

service: Efficient (at least when we were there. We've read mixed reviews on their service online! Staff are always on stand by just in case you're adding more noodle bowl to your bill. *oops! hehe*

info: Boat Noodle, Lot 30a, Block C5, G3, Publika Shopping Gallery