Menu of the Day: Khadijah's Kitchen, PV128 Setapak

What we had for breakfast lunch dinner shared on Instagram. Follow: @bestfoodKL

where: Khadijah’s Kitchen

This restaurant is owned by Malaysia’s songstress Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim. Having been in the food and beverage industry for decades not just in Malaysia, but also in New Zealand as well in United States - Khadijah’s Kitchen provides irresistible Malay dishes, curated by the celebrity herself. 

what we had:  We ordered the Nasi Tomato Ayam Merah Set. It comes with Cucur Ikan Bilis. Judging by the hotness, we immediately knew this was not a pre-prepared. Fresh, tasty and well fragrant, this makes a nice quick bite.

As for the main, expecting just a simple and straightforward dish, but we were pleasantly surprised to be served on a over-sized plate with dalcha, acar, fried vegetables, fried fish with sambal. The Ayam Merah is nice and spicy and the dalcha is flavourful and creamy. Blend it all in a spoonful and you’ll get a very tantalizing meal. 

As for dessert, we had the Bubur Jagung Sagu. The coconut base was nice and creamy, the overall texture is nice and sweet. It all blended well. [RM23.80]

Photo credit: All photos shot with iPhone 5s

what we had: There are so many rice dishes around, but if you’re more of a noodle fan, Khadijah’s Kitchen has that too. Try their fried Kway Teow - Khadijah’s style. Do not expect a hawker-style Char Kway Teow. This is more of a Malay version of the dish, which is spicier, slightly dry and served hot from the wok. This was quite an enjoyable meal. [RM9.80]

info: Khadijah's Kitchen, PV128, Jalan Genting Kelang, KL. Tel: 03-4144 1079