Menu of the Day: Pasta at Franco, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

What we had for breakfast lunch dinner shared on Instagram. Follow: @bestfoodKL

where: Franco

First of all, thanks to the IOI Putrajaya, there's more food options for the folks at Putrajaya!

what we had: For starters, we recommend the Franco French Toast - which is bite-sized french toast dusted with icing sugar and served with on the side. Top that with the creamiest whipped cream. The bread pieces are super tender and a flavourful combination as you add the different sides. Oooh, you’re already in love with Franco and can’t wait for the next offering!

Photo credit: All photos shot with iPhone 5s

what we had: The menu is not extensive but there are still plenty of mains to try, particularly their range of pastas.  I went with their Arrabbiata. Instead of the usual penne, the Arrabbiata at Franco is served with spaghetti. I was expecting a more spicy meal that could set my tongue myself on fire. Nevertheless this is still a delightful meal, full of flavours. The serving is just right, without leaving you bloated. As you relax and enjoy the desserts available at Franco, you'll be able to just observe the crowd at the IOI Putrajaya.

info: Franco, IOI City Mall Putrajaya. Tel: 03-8959 3928