Nasi Lemak at Straits Food Company

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It was around supper time when I arrived at Straits Food Company, Bangsar. Getting to this place was easy. Just get down at the Bangsar LRT station and walked for about 5-10 minutes, heading towards Jalan Abdullah. 

Straits Food Co. is a simple eatery that serves fuss free Peranakan food from rojak, nasi lemak to their must-try cendol. 

I'm sure this place as a hit among Instagrammers for its simple and chic interior, and a reminder of yesteryears. Oh, and I love their tin biskut. Who remember these back in the 90s? No??? *ok different generation. LOL*

what we had: a simple Teh O Ais. *not enough, one more please!!!![RM2.50]

what we had: This Nasi Lemak With Ayam Goreng dish is as simple as you can get. I'm not kidding - I thought I would be getting a ayam goreng berempah type of side, but it came with a few small pieces of simple ayam goreng which came in hot. I just wish they put in a bit more sambal there! ... and where is the kacang? [RM12.50] 

Photo credit: All photos shot with Samsung NX300M

Ended the experience with our #bestfoodKLyellownote for the awesome Nasi Lemak *even without the kacang. I still forgive you, Straits Food Co.

price: average

ambience: a simple eatery in Bangsar (where there are plenty of hispter cafes), we love it!

service: Fast but would appreciate if the waiters could smile more as they serve your food

info: Straits Food Company, 2 Jalan Abdullah, Bangsar Utama, KL. Tel: 03-2202 0038. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.