Arch Cafe, KL City Gallery

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How much do you know about the city of Kuala Lumpur - its past, present and its vision for the future?

A quick stop at the KL City Gallery may just be the place for you to (re)discover your city. 

The KL City Gallery is also home to the Arch Cafe, a casual dining area at KL's rich historical setting. 

As you enter the main entrance, you have the option of touring the area first before heading to the Arch Cafe... or (like me!) just tell the friendly ladies at the counter that you just want to go to the cafe. They'll give you a are-you-sure-you-do-not-want-to-go-on-a-tour look before giving you the bracelet pass to allow you to just go to the cafe. 

But if you are really interested to tour the KL City Gallery, there's the Newseum on the History of Kuala Lumpur, The Spectacular City Model Show, Largest Miniature of Dataran Merdeka, The Making of Arch and many more. 

Since we're a food blog here... let's go to the cafe.... 

Arch Cafe is located at the souvenir area. So while you sip your coffee, you can eye the must-buy presents for your friends (or even yourself). 

Arch Cafe presents the best of Malaysia. And yes, Nasi Lemak is high on their list. 

But this time, I decided to try their other signature dish. 

what we had: Chicken Chop Set. A simple chicken chop dish with black pepper sauce and served with potato wedges, veggies and to our surprise, toast! [RM18]

what we had: As for dessert, we had Lemon Cheese Cake. Creamy, sweet and a nice touch of sourness thanks to the lemon. [RM10] 

what we had: A nice cup of hot coffee with the signature 'I Love KL' mug. [RM5]

what we had: How about some Iced Teh Tarik [part of the chicken chop set] 

If you love your durian, try their Durian Pancake.

Sorry...I'm not a fan of durian so I shall skip this. 

Lastly... our signature #bestfoodKLyellownote because... We love KL too!

This may be a place for tourists (and this was evident during our recent visit), but if you're a KL-ite and you wanna learn more about the city or looking for a quiet and relaxing place to chill, then Arch Cafe is the place for you. 

info: Arch Cafe,  Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, No 27 Jalan Raja, Dataran Merdeka, KL. Tel: 03-2698 3333