Grease, Shah Alam

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After much delay, I finally step foot inside Grease. Been stalking following their Instagram, and their photos are like so yummy. 

Truth be told, I've been eyeing to go to this place for a long time. As a regular of The Sumbs Cafe, I often overlooked this place. So one fine weekend, I managed to visit Grease - where you can get "cheesesteak and more". 
What's on offer? Apart from their signature cheesesteak and burgers, there's also nachos, pastas and desserts.

what we had: When I visit an Ayam Penyet eatery, I often order Sosro Tea, but only Jasmine Tea is available. Boy I am so glad there's an assortment of Sosro's fruit tea available at Grease. Here I'm having the Apple Tea. [RM4]

what we had: Bacon Cheesesteak. My first reaction: "How am I ever going to finish this!". Look at the portion. I am so glad that the portion is quite big, with generous amount of bacon and even more fries on the side. It was a simple dish, each mouthful was a delight. But being the typical Malaysian that I am, I need some generous amount of sauce on the side. #passthesauceplease [RM20]

Photo credit: All photos shot with Samsung NX300M

Ok, Grease deserves our #bestfoodKLyellownote!

price: An average cheesesteak or burger meal would cost around RM20, while pastas would cost around RM15.  

service: It took me some time to think about what to eat, the least the person at the cashier could do was to make some recommendation. I expect a more friendlier service (when I was there, it so happen I was the only customer there anyway. #awkward)

ambience: simple interior with a nice gray wall, useful for Instagrammers.

info: Grease,12 1-10-1 Presint Alami Sek 13 Shah Alam. Follow Grease on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook