Mughal Restaurant, Dataran Jelatek

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There are some restaurants or cafe that I go to, for the sake of going. You know, for its hype. Then there are restaurants like Mughal Restaurant where the food is really, really good and gets a personal recommendation from me - just like the name of this blog: BEST FOOD!

Let's check it out! 

Mughal Restaurant is located at Dataran Jelatek, where there are several several Middle Eastern restaurants. Upon entering this place I wonder "Where are all the people? The crowd are at the Middle Eastern restaurants next door."

No.. No... I should not go where the crowd is. Let's just stay and I'm glad I did. 

As Indian food is divided into regions, Mughal Restaurant serves Northern Indian food - so expect some thick and flavourful dishes!

what we had: We ordered the Butter Chicken [RM15]…. Fuhhh, memang sedap. What I like about it is the texture: thick and creamy and just very flavourful. Eat this with a plate of rice or, like us, we ordered their Bread basket

what we had: I am just happy to have a chicken dish, but my dining partner wants to try the Paneer Butter Masala [RM15], homemade cheese cubes cooked in a smooth tomato gravy spiced with Kasturi Methi. 

To be very honest, this is my first time trying Paneer (cottage cheese), which tasted more like Tofu! Hehe… Again, I love this creamy texture. A must-try if you’re here

what we had: We also ordered the Chicken Reshmi Kebab {RM12.90] boneless cubes of chicken marinated in cashew nut paste, egg, herbs, and yogurt and cooked in the Tandoor. 

The chicken pieces are juicy and tender and a great addition to what we’ve ordered.

what we had: what better way to enjoy the dishes then with a Bread Basket, a mixture of Plain Naan, Garlic Naan, Butter Naan, and Tandoori Roti. [RM13]

Photo credit: All photos shot with Samsung NX300M

This place gets my personal recommendation and I do hope you can give this place a try, especially if you love Indian food. Seriously - it's that finger-licking good!

info: Mughal Restaurant, 1-02 Dataran Jelatek, Jalan Jelatek, KL. Tel: 03-4251 2808