Food Truck: Mustafa Jones Burger

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Been wanting to try and support the city's food trucks operator. After stalking their Instagram, so glad that Mustafa Jones Burger is just around the corner from my neighborhood. 

Knowing that they move around and all, I gave them a short SMS and I immediately got a reply, confirming their exact location. 

What can you expect from Mustafa Jones Burger? Well, since Mr Jones comes from the United States of America, patrons can expect authentic style USA burgers. 

There's beef burger, grilled chicken sandwich, BBQ chicken wings and hot dogs. 

Mr Jones hard at work!

what we had: Steak Dinner Set. Hmmm, although it was tasty, but we find the portions rather small. *krikkk krikkk* [RM18]

what we had: Steak Sandwich. Now this is a must-try. Grilled to perfection with nice seasoning. [RM15] 

Photo credit: All photos shot with Samsung NX300M

what we had: Grilled Chicken Sandwich. This is also another awesome dish from Mustafa Jones. You'll definitely finish this in no time! [RM8]

If you fancy some affordable American-style burgers than Mustafa Jones Burger is a must-try. Also, give some support to the local food trucks business! 

info: Mustafa Jones, various location. Tel: 012 2046486 / 0172526610. Visit their Instagram