[VIDEO] Cake Jalan Tiung, Shah Alam

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Been eyeing to go Cake Jalan Tiung, Shah Alam for some time after hearing positive reviews on Instagram as well as personal recommendation from friends. After literally drooling looking at their photos on IG, I finally had the chance to try their sweet treats.

FOOD: Expect a lot of sweet treats from Cake Jalan Tiung (well that's what they're known for!). I tried their Bella Nutella and Berry Sue Pavlova. So glad both tasted well, fresh and yummy. Nutella is known for its sweetness, but don't worry, the sweetness of Bella Nutella is just right. 

 PRICE: Expect to pay around RM12-RM13 per slice. It's worth every bite. 

SERVICE: Friendly service (they didn't mind me taking videos!) 

AMBIENCE: Love their white and minimalistic decor. A cozy ambience to enjoy our cakes and coffee. One section is dedicated to putting small pillows, books and baking materials. Instagram-worthy wall! 

INFO: Cake Jalan Tiung, 31M Jln Tg Ampuan Zabedah J 9/J Seksyen 9 (WED-SUN 12-7pm); Menara Naza TTDI Seksyen 13 Shah Alam (MON-FRI 10am-7pm). Tel: 012-295598 (WhatsApp) 

 -Video shot with Samsung NX300M 
-We did not receive any compensation or remuneration from the eatery for creating this video 
-We pay for our own meals
-We have full creative and editorial control of our content