How to save more with ShopBack and Groupon

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Here’s a secret at Best Food KL. We don’t just go around the city and munch away some yummy food to be posted here or on our Instagram.

So much work goes into the “research”. Apart from looking at websites and Instagram on what’s new or what’s syiok around the city…. we’re constantly on the look out for the best deals. See, we’re just like you - we pay for our meals and during this tough times, we want to get the best deals too!

That is why we are so psyched to be invited to try ShopBack! Curious?

They are collaborating with many sites here in Malaysia and one of them is of course Groupon - the place for F&B deals.

So what happens here is that you surf the internet, get daily Groupon deals and promo codes and within 48 hours you get to check your cashback amount.

Still confused? What I’m trying to say is that you get money back just for redeeming some of the deals online, like Groupon.

 Crazy kan? Watch this video.


If you reaction is “Really ah?”, don’t worry because we had the same reaction too.

To test this service, we went to Groupon to purchase a deal with Pizza Cottage (for some reason, we were in the mood for pizza. Don’t ask why). 

We found a deal of purchasing a RM30 voucher for just RM18. Can’t say no that.

Off we went to Pizza Cottage’s nearby outlet at Wangsa Maju.

Pizza Cottage combines traditional pizza recipes with Indian flavour to come out with menu like Chicken Tikka, Meat Fest and Cottage special pizzas. There are also wraps, fried chickens andpasta to round up its menu. Totally the place for Italian-Indian fusion food!

Armed with our RM30 vouchers, we tried their Chicken pepperoni pizza, 2 fried chicken and a mixed juice to go with it.

The thin crust pizza was nice and crisp. What we like about the pizza is that the sauce and cheese is kept to a minimal, so it was a very light meal. The fried chicken on the hand is one crunchy delight. We love the fact that the chickens pieces are huge and the spices used gives a slightly hot and spicy feel to tantalize our tongue.

 Since there is no Service Charge (haaa, save even more), we had to take our own plates, cutlery and sauces at the counter. A bit hard to digest this as we’re so used to other pizza eateries around town but oh well, no service charge!

We enjoyed our meal… but what’s the best part? Less than 12 hours after our trip, we received an email regarding our cash back. Though we can’t redeem it yet, it’s good to know not only did we save with Groupon, but thanks to ShopBack, we got some money back. So remember, the more your shop, the higher the cashback! Surf away and enjoy the best deals online with ShopBack.

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