[VIDEO] Thirteen Street Cafe, Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

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We really love the fact that Shah Alam is offering more dining options. 

New to the block on Seksyen 13 is Thirteen Street Cafe, a local/western cafe that we think will be a hit among local foodies. 

Located around the corner of Jalan Lawan Pedang, Thirteen Street Cafe offers your fave mains, snacks and desserts. 

Check out our vlog first:

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FOOD: There's a good range of Western and local food, as well as snacks and desserts. The dessert fridge is full of wonderful sweet treats, so you can also drop by if you're in the mood for some coffee and cakes. 

We had the Ikan Bakar Rice Set, which is a basic meal consisting of grilled catfish with rice. We also had the Chicken Chop with Spaghetti. The chicken chop was slightly salty, but it was grilled to perfection and the spaghetti was a nice addition. 

We had the Pavlova and Chocolate Oreo Fudge. For the latter, we paid RM15 per slice, which we thought was slightly pricey. Though the cake was nice and fudgy, we could not really taste its namesake Oreo. 

PRICE: Expect to pay RM12 and above per meal. As for premium Western platters, it starts from RM 65.9

SERVICE: Staff can be more alert and attentive. The owner actually had to call the staff for them to take our order. 

AMBIENCE: Love the black decor and homey feel.

INFO:  Thirteen Street Cafe: No. 45, Jalan Lawan Pedang 13/27, Section 13, Shah Alam. Tel: 03-5510 0380